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Men and women who value their religious views usually end up staying together longer which is why at Date Christian, we strongly believe in how we approach Punta Cardon Christian dating.

Find Christians from Catholic Singles Falcon including Punta Cardon and nearby cities, Punto Fijo (8 km), Coro (64 km), Carora (164 km), Santa Rita (184 km), Maracaibo (191 km), Cabimas (195 km), Barquisimeto (200 km), Quibor (201 km), Lagunillas (203 km), Los Rastrojos (209 km), El Tocuyo (212 km), Yaritagua (212 km), San Felipe (217 km), Chivacoa (219 km), Chichiriviche (225 km), Tucacas (227 km), Nirgua (245 km), Moron (254 km), Trujillo (255 km).

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Christian Dating Punta Cardon
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Punta Cardon Catholic
Results are based on a radius search of Punta Cardon, Falcon with a Punta Cardon center lookup of:
Cerca De Comunidad Cardon
Calle 8
Punta Cardón

Catholic Singles Punta Cardon

Catholic Singles Falcon
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There are approximately 201 registered profiles from Punta Cardon. Including surrounding areas of Punto Fijo, Coro, Carora, Santa Rita, Maracaibo, Cabimas, Barquisimeto, Quibor, Lagunillas, Los Rastrojos, El Tocuyo, Yaritagua, San Felipe, Chivacoa, Chichiriviche, Tucacas, Nirgua, Moron, Trujillo, there are over 13,258 members and growing every day.